HORSE-TRAINER WATER is one of the best water treadmills available for horses all over the world.

For regular conditioning of your healthy horse and faster healing of your injured horse.

HORSE-TRAINER WATER is a training machine for horses. It can be used both in the professional stable, by the ambitious elite rider as well as for rehabilitation of horses.

The HORSE-TRAINER WATER is a unique water treadmill allowing horses to be exercised at walk speeds, in any height of water up to around shoulder height.

The benefits of the water treadmill are increasing the buoyancy of the horse and thus reducing weight bearing and concussion on the limbs as well as providing a resistance to limb movement.

The resistance of the water appears to induce specific gait modifications at different water heights, and these modifications can be incorporated into the rehabilitation programmed.

International tests on this alternative training method show that “it is a perfect solution for accelerated conditioning, improved performance, promotes correct posture and a balanced gait, improves the heart function, enhances muscle development and improves flexibility.” Furthermore, measurements have shown that rehabilitation on the water treadmill reduced the recovery time by 50-60%.

Touch display

HORSE-TRAINER WATER treadmill is computer controlled and operated at the head of the horse thus ensuring top safety.

The machine has been pre-programmed with 10 fixed programs, which are controlled from the control box by means of a finger touch display. These 10 programs have different lengths of time and incline variations (up hill work).

The computer can furthermore be programmed with up to 100 individual programs.

The variable adjustable speed makes it easy to operate and makes it possible to adjust the speed from 0 to 11 km/h. The speed must be tailored to the individual horse’s pace to make the best possible use of it.

During operation, status of speed in km/h, remaining time of the running program, and belt inclination (up hill work) in degrees are displayed.

On the display, you can easily control water to and from the tank.

The computer can register up to 100 horses in the name register.