The shown model is mounted with weighing cells and coin box. This can be ordered as optional accessories.The shown model is mounted with weighing cells and coin box. This can be ordered as optional accessories.


HORSE-TRAINER WALK has for years turned out to be market leading within training aids, whether it is used for training or preparation for a contest or for retraining a horse after an injury.

The many unique solutions of the HORSE-TRAINER WALK make it indisputably the most safe and thus optimum solution for your horse.
HORSE-TRAINER WALK is a training machine for horses. It can be used both in the professional training stable, by the ambitious elite rider, at the riding school, by hobby horse riders as well as the horse breeder’s with many young horses.

International veterinary congresses have tested this alternative training method thoroughly and say: “It is a perfect solution for building up the swing of the horse’s back, its carrying capacity, and balance. It turns out that at least 75% of the swing of the back is lost, when saddle and rider get on a horse.” Furthermore, measurements show that horses after months of stable rest are retrained within three weeks.

Touch display

HORSE-TRAINER WALK is computer controlled and operated at the head of the horse thus ensuring top safety, and that the introduction to a new horse to the machine is safe and easy, whether it is an unbroken youngster or a scrap racehorse.

The machine has been pre-programmed with 10 fixed programs, which are controlled from the control box by means of a finger touch display. These 10 programs have different lengths of time and incline variations. (Up hill work). These programs cover 85% of all training needs.

The computer can furthermore be programmed with up to 100 individual programs.

The variable adjustable speed makes it easy to operate and makes it possible to adjust the speed from 0 to 15 km/h. The speed must be tailored to the individual horse’s pace to make the best possible use of it.

During operation, status of speed in km/h, remaining time of the running program, and belt inclination (up hill work) in degrees are displayed.

The computer can register up to 100 horses in the name register.