HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a unique way of increasing the blood circulation in a comfortable and relaxing way for the horse,whether it is as rehabilitation after injuries or preparation for work or massage of the horse after work. HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is an innovative product, whether it is for training or preparation for a competition or rehabilitation after an injury and is thus the optimum solution for your horse.

Increased blood circulation and well-being for your horse!!!

HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a kind of massage machine for horses. It can be used both in the professional training stable, by the ambitious elite rider, in the trot or gallop stable, and at retraining centres for all kinds of horses. HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is for the horse a comfortable and relaxing way of increasing the blood circulation and relaxing the musculature. Beyond the massage from the seesaw moving floor, it also treats the top line of the horse and back with heat from the IR lamps in a solarium unit over the horse’s back for total well-being.


  • HORSE-TRAINER RELAX increases the blood circulation without load.
  • HORSE-TRAINER RELAX increases the healing of injuries and reduces the retraining period. It also reduces the rehabilitation time after races for quicker return to max. performance.
  • HORSE-TRAINER RELAX trains and builds up muscles.
  • Regular use of HORSE-TRAINER RELAX enhances the absorption of food and increases the digestion. HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a perfect solution for drying horses after work or for making them ready for races and sports.
  • HORSE-TRAINER RELAX provides increased well-being for the horse.