HORSE-TRAINER SUN is a solarium for horses developed by horse people for horses. There are two different solarium models available covering all needs for IR treatment and drying of horses.

A horse solarium consists of a number of big red lamps with infra-red rays (IR), not to confuse with ultra-violet rays (UV), which are solar rays. These rays of heat on the horse enters the musculature and helps increasing blood circulation and the elasticity of the muscles, thus achieving a quicker healing after injuries. The use of solarium as heating prior to training makes especially the muscles of the back relaxed entailing a better benefit of the training pass. The solarium is also especially effective for drying of the horse after training or if the horse has been washed and made ready for competition.

The two sizes include 25 lamps and 15 lamps respectively.

HORSE-TRAINER SUN with 25 lamps

This solarium is a big and powerful solarium with 25 IR lamps and 5 blowers. This means that a wet horse can be dried in only 10 minutes. That is an incredibly fast drying time, which is especially expedient if the horse is wet and cold say after training in the HORSE-TRAINER SPA or HORSE-TRAINER WATER on a cold winter day. The solarium is provided with a switch offering the possibility of switching off two of the five rows of lamps and thus only use 60% i.e. altogether 15 lamps.

HORSE-TRAINER SUN with 15 lamps

This solarium is made with three rows of lamps with five lamps in each i.e. altogether 15 IR lamps and 3 blowers. This version is a perfect solution for the washing site in all kinds of horse stables. This size is especially suited for riding schools, where it can be easily mounted with coin/token box. We also recommend this solarium as accessory for HORSE-TRAINER SPA, where the sun keeps the musculature of the horse’s back hot during treatment in the cold water.